Sunday, December 14, 2008

Cumulus Inc.

45 Flinders Lane
Monday – Friday 7am – 11pm
Saturday 9am – 11pm

Cumulonimbus Inc may have been a more appropriate name for Cumulus Inc. As Melbourne was experiencing the most atrocious weather conditions, I was on a mission to get to this most highly publicised edition to the Melbourne eating scene. As the wind funnelled down Flinders Lane, recycling bins rebelled off the curb into the streets, rain lashed at me like a tormented child; I was a renegade battling against the elements. Unsurprisingly the love for good food proved enough motivation to see me through the storm.

Side stepping into the crevasse (doorway), I contract my now fan-tangled umbrella and step inside this much talked about eating house. Greeted by the man at the coffee machine he tells me that the tables are all full and offers me a seat at the bar. Often I feel short changed when stuck at the bar, however being elevated you really do get exceptional staring opportunities. I take a seat and gaze around. Jackets hanging off winkle pickers, chiefs intimately immersed into the layout, light fittings that are taking on a life of their own. The edginess of this place is uncomfortably cool; though kudos must go to the staff for off-setting this too-cool vibe through their warmth and loveliness.

The bar I am seated at is the drinks station; hot and cold. The coffee is hands-down the best I have had in Melbourne and judging on the care that went into squeezing my juice I would place a bet that this place does a pretty good job on its alcoholic beverages. Breakfast is basics done with a twist. Bircher Muesli with granny smiths and almonds ($8), Sardines with Parsley, tomato and lemon on sourdough ($11), blood sausage, fried eggs and fruit salad also slip in there. Edging closer to savoury o’clock I ordered the recommended Tom Cooper’s smoked salmon, 65/65 egg, sorrel, apple and dill ($16). My plate arrived after a 20minute (or so) wait. If you imagine grilled sourdough topped with sliced avocado, dressed baby spinach and smoked salmon then my 65/65 egg and grated apple, this is about what it looked like. Times this by 500 and that was the taste. The salmon almost evaporated into my mouth it was that succulent, the bread held its own against the egg yolk and the acid in the apple added the needed bite to a mouthful of avocado. I was full, but feeling good – not guilty. The Cumulus Inc. Breakfast was also a hit; an alliance of all your breakfast favourites in one.

For those who can’t do commitment but want to see what this place is all about I suggest a coffee and sugar hit from the morsels in the cabinet – or on the flip side a vino at the bar. Rain or shine, morning or night Cumulus has it covered.