Monday, May 11, 2009


345 Barkly Street
St Kilda
p. 9531 3078

A slightly improper habit, but one that is hard to shake is my knack for sniffing out free things. It's called being an opportunist and it is only those pessimistic types that see it as being scabby. Don't take this incorrectly I am more than happy to pay my way, hell I will probably invite you around for tea singing “leave that cleanskin at home will yah?!” I just find it somewhat wasteful purchasing things when someone is already providing them for free.

So when I go out for my Saturday morning coffee I would be lying if I said it doesn't cross my mind that by enjoying my coffee out at a cafe I am saving on the cost of purchasing the daily rag. I acknowledge that enjoying a free paper is not exactly eureka material it's almost considered improper itself for a cafe not to offer free reading.

But with exploitation comes the realisation that you have no say, no ownership, no credible voice. I now know that if I happen to sleep in a little longer my paper will have been slaughtered with limbs spread across tables, on chairs and possibly in the bin after a baby chuck episode.

Coffee at Jerry's doesn’t have that problem, a milk bar by name, a cafe (and milk bar) by trade it retails all your publications with a great coffee to boot. Offering a selection of childhood sweets in little glass bowles, milkshakes (that are a little on the thin side - ice cream please) and breaky there is something there for every Tom, Dick and Jerry. It does come at a price though...but at least your guaranteed the front and back page with everything in between.