Sunday, July 12, 2009

Easy as One, Two, Three

Serves 3 - 6

A perfect dessert when you have very little in the cupboards, feel like something a little decadent but are already feeling guilty for thinking of wanting dessert.

Take 3 pears (ideally Bosc) peel, then cut in half and take the core out.

Poach (no sugar in the water necessary) until tender throughout but still holding their shape well. Once done leave to rest. a heavy based small saucepan add 300gm brown sugar, 100gm of butter and 100ml of cream and stir over a low heat. Once all the ingredients have combined and the sugar has dissolved you are ready to plate up.

Place pears in the centre of the platter, drizzle over caramel sauce, (pear stranded in caramel sauce...awesome) then sprinkle over crushed gingernuts.

Serve with vanilla ice cream