Sunday, September 27, 2009

The Bed Who In? Kitchen

A desert dwelling Arab group - I had to look this up you see as I struggled to verbally tell my friend where to meet me for dinner. I thought I had got away by texting the name and address but she dam well called to confirm. I fumbled my way through the call 'it’s near the corner of Barkly and Grey St' but knew that I would have to figure out how to say the word (prof; Bed-Doh-Win) is the closest I have got.

The door into Bedouin Kitchen looks to be stolen from Rupunzels palace it sets the scene for an Arabian Nights style interior that is now looking a little dated. I have heard that this place is packed in the weekends however on this Tuesday night it was dead. While this did impact on the atmosphere of the place I am pleased to say that all the food tasted freshly made.

There was a mix of wine available by the glass and bottle. The waiter explained that it was a sharing menu and suggested for the two of us three starters (mezze) and one hot pot. We took his advice (on board) but went against it. In the mood for picking we went for:

- Tabouli; fresh, flavoursome and not bitter as can sometimes be

- Fish fingers; lightly crumbed fish fried and served with labna

- Falafel; as expected, not to oily, held together well, delicious

- Lamb Kofta; a little bit bland and dry

- One more dish...

I have not described anything in much detail because what you get at the Bedouin Kitchen is good honest Middle Eastern food. It is delicious, filling and fresh it is not the best out there but for $66 for two and a glass of wine each I can't complain. Give it a go.


  1. Some photos of the food you tasted would be nice on this post. But well, you already gave the address and why not try it myself? Great food with great friends, what a bliss. :)

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